Reading at Home

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all those parents and adults at home who are helping the children with their reading homework. Most children are remembering to read at home in the evening and record it in their reading diary. By  hearing your child read aloud  it will significantly   improve […]

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Year 5 Spellings List Autumn term 1

Autumn Term 1 Spellings Year 5   Week 1- Topic words Olympics, Olympus, democracy, chiton, ancient, empire, Zeus, Minotaur, column, legend   Week 2- Revision of Year 4 spellings- Suffixes Education, temptation, expectation, creation, communication, qualification, navigation, nation, information, investigation   Week 3- Revision of Year 4 spellings- Suffixes Collision, conclusion, decision, division, explosion, occasion, […]

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