Year 5 Spellings for this term (Spring 2)

Week 1 Explanation, familiar, forty, individual, interfere, language, leisure, lightning, neighbour, occupy, occur   Week 2 Medical, physical, personal, exceptional, occasional, traditional, capital, emotional, essential, fictional   Week 3 Stationary, dictionary, revolutionary, missionary, necessary, documentary, voluntary, legendary, secretary, military   Week 4 Specific, horrific, metallic, rhythmic, organic, athletic, energetic, gigantic, volcanic, terrific   Week 5 […]

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The Smoothie Bike Comes To Lakeside!

Smoothie Operator As part of the BIKE-IT project, Y5 have been using the power from their legs to make healthy fruit smoothies! They have explored energy transfer and how bicycles have been adapted to suit different needs around the world. Bikes can generate electricity, drive sewing machines, or can even be rigged up to grind coffee beans! Mason: “l was really interested in the […]

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Life-size astronauts!

As our brand new classrooms were being filled (we’re very excited), Year 5 had a great morning doing some Big Art! We carefully drew and tissue papered life-sized astronauts! Pictures of the finished products to follow…

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