Electricity game boards

This week Year 5 have been designing and creating their own quiz boards! First, the children had to decide the theme of their quiz before plotting where on the board they would appear. After decorating their boards, the children used split pins and crocodile clips to connect the questions to answers on the back. Then, they could […]

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We are thinking a lot about our school environment and, in particular, how we can encourage more wildlife. You may well have been studying food chains this year Everyone should take the time to watch and consider this amazing mini documentary about what happened when wolves were re introduced to Yellowstone National Park. The amazing […]


Electric Game Challenge

Our end of science unit challenge requires you to create a quiz game powered by electricity! The Design Brief Design an interactive quiz game powered by electricity. Your game should have no more than 5 question and answer pairs. Your game can make use of a battery, wires, a bulb or a buzzer. Also available are […]

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Help with division homework

You will notice that your homework requires you to divide by 2 digit numbers! You will be able to do this because you can all multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number with ease. Hints: Knowing what happens to your divisor if you multiply it by ten can be a useful reference […]

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