Stepping out

This week saw Y5 take to the wide open spaces of the school grounds where they took bearings and used the leap-frogging technique to navigate between orienteering markers. Now that the relevant skills have been honed, they will be following bearings to find markers that have been hidden. Advertisements

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Everyman Backstage Tour

What a fabulous backstage tour we had today at The Everyman Theatre. The children learnt about the history of the theatre and what it would have been like in Victorian Times before going backstage and seeing the dressing rooms, costume department and the workshops where people were busy preparing for the up coming pantomime.  I […]

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How to Leapfrog

A lovely autumnal day for orienteering! Today we revisited the taking of a bearing before finding out how many of our paces cover a distance of ten metres. We tried out the technique of ‘leap frogging’, heading off on a bearing in order to navigate safely away from an imaginary cliff edge. This technique requires […]

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Today we have followed bearings by rotating the dial to select the number of degrees away from north, turning until the red needle points to magnetic north and heading off by following the direction of travel arrow. We tried out some different styles of compass.

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Heading North

The latest development in our orienteering journey has been to find magnetic north using a compass. In turn, we have been able to orientate our school orienteering maps to magnetic north – a key skill in the sport! It was tricky at first but we persevered, becoming quite proficient by the end of the session. […]

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Orienteering @ Lakeside!

Putting learning on the map! Pupils from Y5 have been taking classes in orienteering. As well as being an introduction to the sport of orienteering, the lessons are also designed to offer a practical context for the application of maths and, in particular, those skills relating to space, shape and angles. You can see from […]

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