Stormbreaker Day

Today, the class novel came alive for the children as we trained them up in espionage. We designed gadgets – which were brilliantly inventive,  and persuaded the head of operations that these were must have gadgets. We wrote secret messages and designed our own assault courses for each other to try. v ca Advertisements

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Y5 at Bournside

Thankyou to all the staff at Bournside School for giving our Y5 a fabulous day.  This is Group 6 creating a rainbow in a test tube. We also had lessons in English, geography, French and history. To conclude, Mr Clift led us in a fantastic singing session with hits by ABBA.

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Archimedes and his screw

Using the principles of Archimedes screw, children learnt how we can make water travel uphill. We had fun experimenting with different lengths and widths of pipe, along with the angle of the screw, to see how this affected the efficiency of raising water.

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What a what a fantastic trip. The children were incredible – the PGL staff couldn’t fault them, and neither could we. Here’s a small selection of photos of some of the amazing activities.  

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Music in Class 16

This term is all about inspiring children to believe in themselves . We are learning about a number of inspirational individuals across a range of subjects. To introduce our music this term, we have listened to Beethoven and were inspired to recreate his rhythms and melodies on both tuned and untuned percussion.

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