Welcome Back!

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you are enjoying the start to the brand new school year. We are really looking forward to the year ahead. All the World’s a Stage We start the year exploring the theatre, where we learn about Britain’s greatest playwright, William Shakespeare, and his legacy on the English language. As well as […]

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Weird Science!

We have been investigating the properties of materials this week, looking at how different materials interact with each other. We found that some materials can react causing irreversible changes in their state of matter, while other reactions are reversible, allowing materials to change from one state to another, but then back again to its original state. We […]

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Science Festival 9th June 2017

Y5 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the science festival today.  We participated in an engaging exploration of planet Mars led by Dr Leanne Gunn and spent time discovering how science affects all aspects of our life – from industry, health, technology and perception.  Many of the children were very inspired and we now have a few budding […]

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Rocket Launch

Over this term, Year 5 have been designing and creating a water bottle rocket. On Monday, we finally got to launch our rockets. We each filled a third of our bottle rockets up with water and attached them to the launcher. Next we pumped air into the bottle until it blasted into Earth’s orbit! It was amazing! […]

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Problem Solving and Reasoning

Lots of problem solving and reasoning work in maths this week. The children have been trying out systematic approaches to resolve mathematical problems, while also finding patterns, similarities and differences between numbers when investigating factors. The children have found it useful to explore these problems using their desks to write their work. It really helped to […]

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Fair Trade and Flapjacks

What a busy week!  On Monday the children started designing and making their rockets which they hope to launch in the next couple of weeks  Yesterday was World Book Day.  What a great sight to see all those ‘Wallys’!  Today was our Fair Trade focus to celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight. In Year Five we focused […]

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