Sewing Cuddly Aliens

For the past week or so, year 5 class 16 have been making cuddly soft toy aliens in DT.It all started a week ago when we were just rookies at sewing practising on binca and then to felt and now we have started to create are cute,cuddly,creations made from the centre of our imagination 😀. We […]

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National Space Centre 6.2.18

Wow- what a fantastic museum!  We had a great time exploring the stars and planets. We discovered what life was like for an astronaut and how strange it must be to live in micro gravity.  We sent a rover over Mars and learnt some amazing planet facts. Did you know that Saturn would float on […]

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Ju-Jitsu 26.1.18

The children enjoyed an introductory session in ju-justu this afternoon, courtesy of Andy Privett at . Andy taught the children a couple of self defence moves as well as talking to them about keeping safe.  He suggested that all the children learn their parents phone numbers by heart in case they ever found themselves […]

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Are you fit enough to be an astronaut?

Year Five had a great start to the new year and their new theme yesterday. We trained to be astronauts before decoding a message to locate the stricken spaceship ‘Voyager’ which is somewhere in our solar system. The children undertook ‘assessments’ in agility, balance, fitness, mental acuity and eyesight. We are pleased to report that […]

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Finding hidden markers

This, our final adventure in orienteering required us to follow a course of written bearings to find hidden markers. Because we were unable to see the next marker, we relied on the accuracy of our compass skills and pacings. Well done Y5, you have successfully completed all of the challenges and are now ready to […]

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Stepping out

This week saw Y5 take to the wide open spaces of the school grounds where they took bearings and used the leap-frogging technique to navigate between orienteering markers. Now that the relevant skills have been honed, they will be following bearings to find markers that have been hidden.

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Everyman Backstage Tour

What a fabulous backstage tour we had today at The Everyman Theatre. The children learnt about the history of the theatre and what it would have been like in Victorian Times before going backstage and seeing the dressing rooms, costume department and the workshops where people were busy preparing for the up coming pantomime.  I […]

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